Croydon SDA Gospel Choir – Saturday, 14th October


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Croydon SDA Gospel Choir

The Croydon SDA Gospel Choir is quite unique. It posses the heart and soul, the vivacity and energy of a gospel choir, yet a diversity which is hard to find elsewhere. After all, where else are you going to find a choir which the press describes as giving a “superlative performance” of…. an eighteenth century Classical piece of music, sung in Latin with an orchestra? The choir’s ethos is to be different, to stand apart from the crowd, not for its own sake, not to say ‘we are different’, but because it believes passionately that it has been placed in this world for a purpose – and that is to reach people of diverse backgrounds and differing situation. The choir seeks to reach the very churched, the deeply theological, yet seeks to reach out to the soul who is hurting, the one that needs to hear a message of hope, that dark place which needs some light. 7:30pm.

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